An Online Tour: Youtube's latest musical trick

The famous video website has decided to launch what could be the new international on-line phenomenon... Discover the Youtube Music Awards.

youtube on fire (credits: maurits knook/flickr/cc)

To all internet users... your world wild video website is preparing what should transform your life... An online live concert with the best of the best!

Youtube's official blog will be launching its own "Youtube Music Award" and an international celebration will be held all over the world to celebrate the hit artists and songs of this last year.

Vote in october and november...

A very democratic process to chase talents. The selected artists will be those with most views, with videos that have been most viewed and shared over this past year. Youtube users will be asked to cast their votes by sharing their favourate songs or artists videos. Singer like Lady Gaga and Eminem will be attending the celebraion and performing live at the event in New York on the 3rd of November.

London's Calling ?

Countries including Korea (Seoul), Brazil, cities like Moscow and London will be visited by Youtube's most popular contributers, as the performances around the world take place, hosted by Jason Schwartzman.

As for other artist like Bjork and the Chemical brothers, they will be invited to particpate in interviews and debates, released in videos.